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Hours of Operation

  • Racing season, end of May to Mid-September

  • Saturday night racing starting at 5:00 pm

  • Pits open; when you get here.

  • Racing sign-up close at 4:00 pm. Call ahead if you are running late and we will add you to the roster. 217-306-2599

  • Races start at 5:00pm.


Racing Classes


  • Electric Sprints

  • Spec. 13.5 Sprints

  • Sliders

  • 1/18 Late Models

  • Electric 2WD Trucks (Beginners class)

  • 13.5 Late Models

  • Nitro Sprints

  • Nitro Stadium Trucks / EDM's

  • Mod Late Models     ( DODC approved bodies )

  • 1/8th Scale - must be 4WD and Late Model Body.


Racing Class Rules

1/8 Nitro Late Models

  1. Any motor up to .28 and can be modified.

  2. Any production body up to date.

  3. No home made bodies.

  4. Side air dams - Left side, from A-pillar to rear of body but not past spoiler, 5" high.

  5. Must have 2 braces can have 1/4" bend on top.

  6. Rear spoiler 3" max in height including 1/4" wicker on top. 

  7. Tires - Foam or any street type tread.

  8. No pins of any kind.

  9. Weight must weigh at lease 8.5 pounds.

  10. No wedge bodies of any kind allowed.

  11. DLMRA Rules.


Nitro Truck/EDM's

  1. We will run trucks and EDM's in the same class.

  2. Must be .12 to .18 motors.  

  3. Must be 2WD.

  4. May run truck or EDM body. 

  5. Rear spoiler is permitted 2" Max. 

  6. Side air dams are permitted on truck bodies only.  Left side air dams - from A-pillar to rear of body but not past spoiler.  4" in height from deck.  No right side air dams.

  7. Any 2.2 tires may be used.

  8. No foam tires.


  1. EDM's

    1. All bodies may have a 1/2 inch rear spoiler measured at the chord and no wider than the body’s rear deck area.

    2. All EDM bodies will not run a side dam, but may run a sail panel that follows the roof line. The sail panel must not be any taller than the roof. You may not attach a sail panel to the body, it MUST be built into its design.

    3. No rights side dams will be legal. Small winglets are acceptable, but may not be square in shape.

    4. Any small block engine up to .18

    5. All vehicles must run pinned/ribbed truck tires and truck wheels front and rear.

    6. 2.2 inch maximum rim size.

    7. Wheel base: 10.75" – 12.5"

    8. Max width: 13.00"

    9. Min width: 11.00"

    10. Tank maximum: 75cc

    11. 2WD with rear wheel drive only.

    12. No 2 speeds



 Mod Elec. Late Models.

 1. Must use DODC bodies.

 2. Any tires, any speed control, any motor, 2cell Li-po or 4600mah

 3. Gear Box or Direct Drive

 4. Side air dam will be allowed : 4" tall from deck, 10" long but not past end of spoiler.

      May have 1/4" bend at top.

 5. Air dam must remain clear.  ( no paint, no stickers)




Nitro Sprints


  1. Any sprint car hood and tail tank. Nose wings are optional.

  2. Any motor up to .18

  3. 75cc fuel tank maximum. Associated and Losi tanks do not need the slug

  4. installed in the tank.

  5. Must run a muffler

  6. Must run 1/10 buggy/car pin/ribbed tires front and rear. May run truck wheels on rear with buggy tires stretched over them but car must meet O.A. width rule.

  7. No street tread tires.

  8. Dimensions: 10.25" wide maximum. 11" W.B. maximum.

  9. Car MUST roll freely through width box.

  10. Weight: 54oz.

  11. 2 WD only

  12. Single speed transmission only – No 2 speeds


  1. Top Wing:
    Center 7" wide x 8" long including the spoiler. 1/2"spoiler maximum
    Left side 4 1/2" tall x 7" long
    Right side 3 1/2" tall x 7” long
    1/4 maximum wickers on side panels only on top and bottom edges

  2. Front Wing: dimensions pending
    Center : 4” wide x 3” long maximum
    Left side 3” x 1 1/2" W
    Right side 3” x 1 1/2" W
    Leading edge of the top of the center section in the wing must be a minimum of 5” from the ground.


  1. Cage must be made from round stock. 80% of the cage must be round stock, flat stock may be incorporated into its design.

  2. Minimum of a 4 post cage required that resembles a drivers cockpit.

  3. Must have right side Nerf bar.

  4. Must have a rear bumper surrounding tail tank.


MOD Electric Sprints

Must have scale appearing cage, hood, side panels, nerf bars and bumpers. Minimum of a 4 post cage required that resembles a drivers cockpit. A driver arm guard area is permitted on right side panel bust must be of reasonable size. All electronics, radio gear, must be positioned inside the cage side frames. Rear cage side panels may be used but may not extend beyond rear cage frame. No lexan or any other material may be mounted to nerf bars, bumpers, cage, wing or any other part of the car that will trap, alter, or direct air flow for the purpose of gaining an aerodynamic advantage. Must have appropriate openings on both sides of cage in driver compartment, forward portion of side panels can be no taller than highest point of hood, no solid side panels.

Maximum Length: 18.000"
Maximum width of hood: 3.600"
Maximum cage width at driver halo, down tubes, and top frame rail: 3.600"
Minimum vertical gap from top of hood to front cage crossbar: .750"

7x7 Wings, See diagram on

Wings: Center section and side panels must be made from at least 3 separate pieces of polycarbonate, carbon or aluminum material. All corners and edges must be rounded and free of sharp edges. Main and Front wings must be mounted so that they are centered on cage, no offset wings. Wing center sections must have all 4 corners set at 90 degree angles, no canted or angled panels. Wings must also be mounted level from side to side. Center section of wing may not extend beyond leading or trailing edge of side panels. Side panels must have braces that hold side panel rigid at 90deg. to center section during race conditions. Two braces are required from top of the center foil to the left sideboard and one brace is permitted below the center foil to the right side board. Braces can be a maximum of .750" wide and front edge of front brace must be no more than 1.5” back from side panel leading edge. Side Panels may have front, back, top and bottom turnouts of no more than .375" and are included in max dimension. Flat foil center sections will be allowed a .250” turndown at the leading edge.  Half inch spoiler will be allowed.


Spec. 13.5 Electric 2WD Late Models


  2. Tires- Front any Rib type. Rear Inside Jobs or Flip Outs ONLY

  3. Any 13.5 motor

  4. Any ESC

  5. No Side Air Dam


 1/8 Elec. Late Models

      4 cell Battery Limit

      side air dam same as nitro cars

     DLMRA Rules

     NO Motor Limit

Owner reserves the right to change the rules at anytime

We DO NOT run Monster Trucks!




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